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What are the expected advantages of Curl-P over Kerl algorithm?

Kerl uses SHA-3 Keccak at its core, which is a binary hashing algorithm. This means that the trinary 'trits' which IOTA normally operates on are converted to bits before being absorbed by Keccak, ...
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How do I recover my pre-Kerl IOTA balance?

There is a reclaim tool built into the IOTA Light Wallet since version 2.5.2. Just download the wallet and click on Tools > Reclaim tool. enter your old seed enter your new seed click CONTINUE ...
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How do I recover my pre-Kerl IOTA balance?

Make sure you are upgraded to the newest IOTA wallet. If your balance is zero that means your wallet is connecting. Generate a new receive address and attach it to the tangle and wait a few minutes. ...

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