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for Questions related to IOTA full-node:
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used in IoTA to refer to the signed data package that stores a message to be sent from an externally owned account.
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For questions relating to the IOTA network as a whole. This includes questions about the reliability, scaling and functionality of the network itself as an implemented version of the tangle based on f…
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For questions about the tangle, the directed acyclic graph which has the same function in IOTA as the blockchain has in other cryptocurrencies.
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For questions or issues relating to the IOTA Wallet and how to mitigate/avoid these issues.
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For questions relating to the security of IoTA and how to mitigate these issues or avoid them altogether.
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For questions relating to IOTA addresses, how they work and what they consist of.
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For questions related to IOTA's Application Programming Interface (API)
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For questions related IOTA Seed
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for Questions related to Snapshot:
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Tag for Questions on Implementation and technical background of masked authenticated messaging (MAM), as well as for using it in Sensors or other Applications. Also general Usage.
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For questions related to IOTA nodes. There are mainly two types of nodes Headless Node, Full Node(GUI)
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Confirmation, a special subtopic of Transactions. Use this Tag for Confirmations of Transactions only
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For questions related to the Proof Of Work on the tangle.
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For Questions related to address reuse in IOTA
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for questions related to Double Spending: A double spend is an attack where the given set of coins is spent in more than one transaction.
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Tag for questions on the javascript library of Iota and related subjects.
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For any questions related to tip selection algorithm in IOTA
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for questions related to Milestones.
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for questions related to Coordinator:
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For questions related to IOTA bundles
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Refer to the state of a transaction. Once a transaction if attached to the tangle, it is initially in the "pending" state meaning that the transaction is not approved/confirmed yet. Use this tag for …
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the process of performing the pow more than one time for the same transaction.
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for questions related to ternary system in IOTA
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attach-to-tangle a tag used for Questions on attaching addresses to the tangle.
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Questions on the Whitepaper