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The term "transaction" is used in IoTA to refer to the signed data package that stores a message to be sent from an externally owned account.
200 questions
for Questions related to IOTA full-node:
178 questions
For questions relating to the IOTA network as a whole. This includes questions about the reliability, scaling and functionality of the network itself as an implemented version of the tangle based on f…
170 questions
For questions about the tangle, the directed acyclic graph which has the same function in IOTA as the blockchain has in other cryptocurrencies.
143 questions
For questions or issues relating to the IOTA Wallet and how to mitigate/avoid these issues.
102 questions
For questions relating to the security of IoTA and how to mitigate these issues or avoid them altogether.
92 questions
For questions related IOTA Seed
59 questions
For questions relating to IOTA addresses, how they work and what they consist of.
59 questions
For questions related to IOTA's (Legacy) Application Programming Interface (API)
59 questions
For questions related to IOTA nodes. There are mainly two types of nodes Headless Node, Full Node(GUI)
41 questions
Tag for Questions on Implementation and technical background of masked authenticated messaging (MAM), as well as for using it in Sensors or other Applications. Also general Usage. Masked Authentica…
40 questions
Questions about the legacy protocol (which was switched off in Mainnet on April 28, 2021). It used ternary message encoding and Winternitz one-time signatures.
39 questions
Tag for questions on the javascript library of Iota and related subjects.
34 questions
for Questions related to Snapshot:
34 questions
For questions related to the Proof Of Work on the tangle.
34 questions
for questions related to Double Spending: A double spend is an attack where the given set of coins is spent in more than one transaction.
34 questions
For any questions related to tip selection algorithm in IOTA
31 questions
For Questions related to address reuse in IOTA
30 questions
Confirmation, a special subtopic of Transactions. Use this Tag for Confirmations of Transactions only
30 questions
for questions related to Coordinator:
29 questions
for questions related to Milestones.
28 questions
For questions related to IOTA bundles
26 questions
Refer to the state of a transaction. Once a transaction if attached to the tangle, it is initially in the "pending" state meaning that the transaction is not approved/confirmed yet. Use this tag for …
25 questions
Re-attaching is the process of performing the pow more than one time for the same transaction.
22 questions
Questions about the network of physical objects ("things") that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and sys…
20 questions
attach-to-tangle a tag used for Questions on attaching addresses to the tangle.
20 questions
20 questions
Questions about the unidirectional mapping of data to fixed-sized values.
17 questions
17 questions
for questions related to ternary system in IOTA
17 questions
16 questions
Questions on the Whitepaper
16 questions
16 questions
15 questions
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