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What are the expected advantages of Curl-P over Kerl algorithm?

Kerl uses SHA-3 Keccak at its core, which is a binary hashing algorithm. This means that the trinary 'trits' which IOTA normally operates on are converted to bits before being absorbed by Keccak, ...
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How does Curl-P's copy protection feature work?

In their official statement, the IOTA team stated: "With Coordinator IOTA's security depends on one-wayness of Curl-P, without Coordinator the security depends on collision resistance." ...
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How do I recover my pre-Kerl IOTA balance?

There is a reclaim tool built into the IOTA Light Wallet since version 2.5.2. Just download the wallet and click on Tools > Reclaim tool. enter your old seed enter your new seed click CONTINUE ...
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How do I recover my pre-Kerl IOTA balance?

Make sure you are upgraded to the newest IOTA wallet. If your balance is zero that means your wallet is connecting. Generate a new receive address and attach it to the tangle and wait a few minutes. ...
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PearlDiver: why are these values hard-coded?

PearlDiver computes 64 hashes at once. Those hardcoded values make the hashes be distinct by initializing the fragment not affected by the incrementing routine to values which are distinct. An ...
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Why were hash collisions unimportant?

Curl-P is not use for signing transaction, therefore collisions in Curl-P is not relevant. For question 1: Eve can try to do it, but the probability to achieve this in reasonable time is extremely ...
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Will a specialized chip make IOTA more secure

Yes, but the increased security is more of a side-effect of the employment of specialized chips. The JINN chips are believed to allow even the most lightweight of IoT devices to become full nodes, ...
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