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Questions tagged [javascript]

Tag for questions on the javascript library of Iota and related subjects.

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Why do I need to create an IOTA instance to use the library functions?

Let the IOTA node instance be iota variable in the following context: var IOTA=require("./node_modules/iota.lib.js/lib/iota") var iota=new IOTA({ 'provider': ''}) If I want to ...
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2 answers

Receiving JSON messages from ZMQ feed using an IRI fullnode

I am trying to use ZMQ feeds to monitor IRI nodes and addresses, but I am having trouble obtaining the "Message" in text and/or JSON. I am using this code: let zmq = require('zeromq') let sock = zmq....
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Caching account data

Reading through the documentation for the IOTA Javascript Library I realized the method iota.api.getAccountData can be provided with an starting index: iota.api.getAccountData(seed, {start: 123}, ...
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Invalid response from server using iota.lib.js

I try the sendTransfer command on my full node. After long time, I get this error: Error: Invalid Response: at Object.invalidResponse (/home/atena/iota/node_modules/iota.lib.js/lib/errors/...
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Can't connect to custom hornet node using nodejs clientbuilder

Have a hornet node set up on AWS, able to access the dashboard and interact with the REST API just fine. However when trying to build a connection to it using nodejs @iota/client ClientBuilder cannot ...
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How to attach a message multiple times (say 200 times) with the tangle using MAM

What I am trying to do is to attach a payload to the tangle using MAM protocol. If I run this loop for k=5 times it works fine i.e., data is attached to the Tangle. I confirmed that the data is ...
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How to handle access to Stronghold database in a serverless web app

Excited by the upcoming release of Chrysalis I wanted to start a little web app project using the library. Without going into too many details, users on the site will be able to generate an ...
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What is an “apiEndpoint” in poc-ipfs config file

In the poc-ipfs app blueprint from IOTA’s GitHub, they have a config file on the client side (link below), one of the parts of the script contains “apiEndpoint”, I do not know what would go there for ...
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getAccountData returns undefined

it is a few days ago that getAccountData has stopped returning value (returns always undefined). Does any of you know why? This is the code: iota.getAccountData(seed, {start: 0,security: 2}) ...
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