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My address shown in Firefly starts with atoi1 instead of iota1

When I created a new wallet (or migrated an existing one) to Firefly, the address shown starts with atoi1 and not iota1. Others cannot send funds to that address.
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Firefly Wallet Migration [duplicate]

Hi IOTA professionals, I installed firefly and migrated a very old wallet using my 81er key. It seems as if its doing something, but I have issues sending more coins from binanvcer, it looks like the ...
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2 votes
4 answers

How to get Firefly out of an exchange that has suspended withdrawals

I have a problem that I don't think 9s unique. I own some $IOTA coins on exchange. In fact, I recently bought more coins when I heard about the 90-day IOTA/Shimmer staking project. So, I ...
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Is migration from Trinity to Firefly still possible?

Because of the pandemic, iota was not high priority. Missed the seed migration period. We have firefly. We have Iota on Trinity still Now, what can we do?
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How is a Seed stored in an IOTA wallet?

How is a Seed stored in an IOTA wallet? Can I gain my Seed back if I lose it?
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How to migrate second Seed or more to Firefly

I did use Trinity since one month and had in it 3 Seeds. Now I did migrate one of the seeds to Firefly and I did want to migrate the second Seed and use a it with Firefly, but I found only the ...
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