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Firefly Wallet Migration [duplicate]

Hi IOTA professionals, I installed firefly and migrated a very old wallet using my 81er key. It seems as if its doing something, but I have issues sending more coins from binanvcer, it looks like the ...
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How to migrate second Seed or more to Firefly

I did use Trinity since one month and had in it 3 Seeds. Now I did migrate one of the seeds to Firefly and I did want to migrate the second Seed and use a it with Firefly, but I found only the ...
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Migrating security_level=3 addresses to Chrysalis (at given index)

A couple of years ago I used the Iota Python SDK in order to generate some addresses. api = Iota(uri, seed) api_response = api.get_new_addresses(index=index, count=30, security_level=3) From there I ...
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