It was like that : 1. I wanted to send IOTA to Bitxinex so i take adres from my wallet on Bitfinex (according to the instructions) adres is IRFHCFRYIYQYH9T9JNWMT9WUAULEAPWFUJYUPASVVLLPWVONLMVFFUZKODQGDBYGXIFOPKWFXQUEHRKJWHRDX9JKUY 2. After a dozen or so hours - transaction is confirmed by Tangle (look at https://thetangle.org/transaction/AGMQDQZRRYSFQDC9TNIUPJMPKEQQAVG9YPULYTAGTWCFLOCGY9JMLEE9JBT9IHCMBDRLVAGMRETWZ9999) 3. After an hour (as you can see in Tangle explorer https://thetangle.org/transaction/W9ETYRKVWHDMVBIMHJOHNNHXUW9VYQRSIDBVIQOQJTKHQ9JDQZJ9QJTEPKLXRKFCPPBEJIWYEBKO99999) someone or something executes another transaction as a result my 1 IOTA is taken from the address. 4. In account logs (Bitfinex) there is no trace of these operations, and the account balance is zero. I can't understand what happened? Did I make a mistake? and why Tangle and Bitfinex tell a different story of transactions on adres=IRFHCFRYIYQYH9T9JNWMT9WUAULEAPWFUJYUPASVVLLPWVONLMVFFUZKODQGDBYGXIFOPKWFXQUEHRKJWHRDX9JKUY. https://thetangle.org/address/IRFHCFRYIYQYH9T9JNWMT9WUAULEAPWFUJYUPASVVLLPWVONLMVFFUZKODQGDBYGXIFOPKWFXQUEHRKJW

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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this Question is not about Iota it is about Bitfinex. – Tobi MZ Nov 30 '17 at 2:26
  • It is not like that. The IOTA Foundation cooperates with the Bitfinex stock exchange, so it also partially prompts for its activities. Bitfinex has been holding my money for more than a dozen hours and I can not use it - and they don't respond to the request services (ticets). who should I ask for help and advice if not to the IOTA community ??? – Woj Mar Nov 30 '17 at 8:02

This is basic practice on Bitfinex. They collect all the iota centralized and keep track of your iota in a Database. This process may take some time. So be patient. This is not Bitfinex support and if you have questions on Bitfinex use their support please.

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