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"Multi-signature wallet" from Bitfinex

I saw that Bitfinex announced that they have updated their own multi-signature wallet. Why do they need to do this, is this something that official wallet API doesn't support?
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4 votes
2 answers

IOTA added to the address but immediately withdrawn from my address

I need your support to understand my missing IOTA. I transferred 356 iota from Binance to Bitfinex. The transaction was confirmed in Tangle explorer ( Transaction id ...
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1 answer

I sent 1 IOTA to Bitfinex, transaction is confirmed but money aren't store on my wallet on Bitfinex [closed]

It was like that : 1. I wanted to send IOTA to Bitxinex so i take adres from my wallet on Bitfinex (according to the instructions) adres is ...
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How to proceed end to end with iota on Bitfinex (e.g., store them in Keepass)? [closed]

I am quite a newbie and got some iota. I'd like to store them, but I don't know how to even get them out of Bitfinex. I could transfer them to another wallet. Can somebody explain the whole process
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