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Questions tagged [lamport]

Questions related to the Lamport signature or Lamport one-time signature scheme.

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IOTA Winternitz Signature Scheme Details

IOTA uses Winternitz one time signature scheme (W-OTS). Page no 45 W-OTS uses one-way function f and cryptographic hash function g. W-OTS selects parameter w > = 2, which is number of bits to be ...
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Ternary numeral system and Lamport signature

Is it correct that IOTA uses balanced ternary system, and not unbalanced? And in that case, why are they working with negative numbers? (Ref: YouTube) The Lamport signature requires a large number of ...
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Can someone explain very simplified how the Winternitz OTS/Lamport OTS works?

I read the Wiki example, but I am still confused to be honest. Could someone provide a really simple example?
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