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What are timestamps and how are they connected to smart contracts?

Smart Contracts The transactions of e.g. Ethereum have a fixed order becaue they are in a blockchain. Because IOTA stores it's transactions in the Tangle, we don't have a sequence. In order to ...
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Why aren't timestamps validated?

The problem here is, we can't prove, if the timestamp is correct or not. Setting the timestamp back to 01.01.1900: Case 1: The node is honest and rejects the transaction, because the timestamp is ...
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physical clock or logical clock for timestamping

Timestamps in transactions are from physical clock. The protocol don't relies on it except for rejecting transactions issued by an node that is largely not sync (i.e. wrong physical clock)
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When and how is computed the attachment timestamp (and its upper/lower bounds)

You have to distinguish between bundle hash and transaction hash here. The attachment timestamp is not encoded in the bundle hash (which is signed by the spending transactions). Otherwise it would ...
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