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When the tip selection algorithm searches for transactions, it uses a depth parameter. You can find out more about depth here:


Yes exactly, each leaf is a new transaction. However, since Mam transactions do not have any “value”, they do not actually need any validation. They are immediately available to fetch after they are published


You just run Mam.fetch. You need to store the root somewhere, and the sideKey if you are using “restricted” mode.


Mam.fetch is not an async function, instead use the callback. You can make any “callback style” function into an async function by wrapping the call in a return new Promise((resolve,reject)=> .... Do a bit of research about Promises, this is a very common and useful pattern in Nodejs. But i think your problem is secretKey needs to be converted to trytes


Yes, you can add new messages to a MAM stream by reloading the “mam state” and then simply publishing again. here is an example using javascript


Which operating system did you install it on? Did you configure anything so far? (for example changed any ports or added any neighbors so far?) By the way this reminds me of something similar I have opened an issue a while back Maybe you've added a neighbor with an invalid port? Please check /etc/default/iri ...

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