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7 votes

What would an attacker have to pay per transaction in a large-scale spam attack?

I don't think it is possible to give a proper answer to this question, as we are lacking benchmarks from high-end hardware. I will, however, try to estimate a value: My GPU, a Nvidia GeForce 730 ...
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6 votes

Does all kind of spam benefit the network?

Spam is only good, if it is widely distributed over the network. So if there are enough fullnodes which are used for the spamming transactions, everything is fine. If only a few fullnodes are spammed, ...
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5 votes

Spam Attack on the tangle worst scenario

The main two bottlenecks on the tangle are as follows: 1) The coordinator: currently, the tangle has a coordinator that ensures that the network isn't overwhelmed by a malicious attacker. Due to the ...
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3 votes

Does the Tangle enforce a tip-selection algorithm?

The protocol does not enforce a particular tip selection algorithm, so every transaction-issuing network participant is free to choose whatever method they want. The IOTA reference implementation (IRI)...
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2 votes

Does the Tangle enforce a tip-selection algorithm?

The highlighted points of the tangle whitepaper are that first, you cannot enforce a selection strategy, and second, if you assume others are following monte carlo, then that is your best strategy to ...
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1 vote

How does IOTA post-coordicide handle network spam?

Yes it is already implemented in goshimmer since v0.6.3. The IOTA Congestion Control Algorithm (ICCA) used in IOTA 2.0 is based on mana. More in this blog post:
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1 vote

Does the Tangle enforce a tip-selection algorithm?

The IRI implements a random tip selection algorithm but you are free to modify it to select again and again the same transaction. It's what you do when you promote a transaction. Inundating the ...
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1 vote

How would full nodes cope with large amounts of data?

Trying to recall something mentioned by CfB a while back, I believe IOTA will eventually use collective memory usage: In a sense that hash-based signatures will be reduced from 8192 to 64 bytes - ...
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