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I think the generate_address() function will generate a new address everytime is called. You could also evaluate creating a unique account for each user depending on your use case.


The python wheel files you are looking for are hard to perma link. Login to Go here: Click on the latest action in the list Scroll to the bottom to access the latest python wheel files. The python bindings you can also build yourself: source:


I am bundling the information I have seen on Discord: Firefly only supports security level 2, so you have to send the funds to an address with security level 2 first and then do the migration with Firefly or you generate a migration address yourself and send the funds directly to it with whatever you used until now Or you compile Firefly yourself with ...


When you check the python reference instead of the specification reference (your link), you will see that message also takes dust_allowance_outputs in addition to outputs. Alternatively (this is the route I was going) you can search the source code of the python bindings where they call the Rust with_cust_allowance_output method and you will see that it ...

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