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When you select a transction in your wallet, the wallet will ask your connected node if it considers the transaction bundle still consistent. A transaction bundle can become inconsistent if one of its two approving transactions (which were chosen at the time when you initially attached your transaction) are double-spends (or reattachments) of already ...


The wallet sends 5 zero-value transactions referencing yours (as these transactions are newer, they are more likely to be referenced). When showing 1/5 it's sending the first one, 2/5 second one gets sent, etc... You can promote your transaction instantly. In the worst case, you are wasting your computing resources (which isn't really such a "worst case", ...


You should check if the transaction is promotable before trying to promote it. For that transaction, isPromotable will return false, since it approves one or more transactions that are inconsistent (would be doublespends or reattaches of already confirmed transactions). When you try to promote it, chances are high that the promotion transaction will pick a ...


The only solution is to reattach and/or promote it again and again. Yes it is possible that a transaction is never confirmed. It may for instance be ending up in a parasite chain or other non-confirmed sidechain. This is a very often the case and of no concern for the general iota network topology. It's not a bug, it's by design!


Taken from the official wallet app: const spamTransfer = [{address: '9'.repeat(81), value: 0, message: '', tag: ''}] iota.api.promoteTransaction(transactionHash, 10, 14, spamTransfer, {interrupt: false, delay: 0}); Documentation is available here.

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