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1) Can I say that is more difficult to infer the source of a wallet owner since address will not be reused after an withdrawal? Although no one cannot infer the "seed" from addresses, it is still possible to track paths of the transactions. Unless the transaction goes to an exchange address or you use IOTA mixer (see links below), you cannot have a complete ...


The IOTA Development Roadmap (March 2017) mentioned Private Transactions research, through coin mixing first and then through more extensive technologies such as zero knowledge proofs. There was a paper about this topic released on October 2017: Improving the Anonymity of the IOTA Cryptocurrency. An IOTA Mixer was released into the testnet 1 month later: ...


You would be able to differentiate an IOTA transaction that has been run through a mixer / tumbler to hide it's past. The only way for this not to be true is if privacy is not opt-in, which IOTA does not currently do or plan to do.

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