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Informations given on Discord by Thibault Martinez [IF] So, you are not doing anything wrong at all. It just turns out that the MQTT library we were using is just not good enough to allow us to provide all required node features. We are currently switching the MQTT library to another one and that will be released in a new bee version that hopefully will come ...


You can visit, which can automatically assign you testnet or mainnet neighbours for the Chrysalis network (IOTA 1.5, as currently live).


Neighbors on the test network are difficult to obtain and unstable. It is recommended to use official test nodes, especially when your node would have have a dynamic IP address, would not be reachable from the public Internet, or would not be online 24/7.


I don't really have much experience in permanodes nowadays, but I would expect that you set up your own Hornet node first, and connect your permanode to its MQTT port instead of connecting it to some "random" IOTA node from Perhaps you want to try that route if nobody has a better idea.

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