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What does P_SEND_MILESTONE config do? P_SEND_MILESTONE is used when a neighbor requests a random tip L420, w.h.p a random tip will be sent back, but in a small probability a milestone will be sent as a response. this was added to support older IRI versions while syncing IIRC. However, milestones are propagated in two main ways (P_SEND_MILESTONE being a ...


Probably due to this this open issue that says: latestSolidSubtangleMiletoneIndex does not update in 'getNodeInfo' until a system restart it updates. It just stays the same until a restart. So the fullnode is synchronized but following calls to getNodeInfo doesn't return updated values for latestSolidSubtangleMiletoneIndex.


Nelson need list of entry Nelson nodes. After updating to version 0.2.2 running nelson --gui --getNeighbors will add these entry nodes automatically. Alternatively, you can create a nelson config file with address of entry nodes, for instance:

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