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What does an "Hello world!" IXI module look like?

ixi/hello_world/package.json {"main": "index.js"} ixi/hello_world/index.js function hello_world_impl(req) { return com.iota.iri.service.dto.IXIResponse.create({greeting: "Hello, world!"}); } ...
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What exactly is "IOTA eXtensible Interface" (.ixi modules)?

The main contract of IOTA eXtending Interface is to provide extra functionality, e.g. messaging provided by MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging). IOTA protocol must be set in stone to let hardware ...
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How can I start developing IXI Modules?

There are no official tutorials for the IXI modules yet. You can write javascript according to the "JavaScript Nashorn engine" specifications. This is a good place to learn more about it: https://...
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Is it possible to extend IRI to answer to an HTTP GET?

Yes, it is possible. There is something called IXI. It is not standardized yet. So, you should not use it for production apps. You can take a look into the MAM IXI module to get an idea how this works....
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IXI module: Error debugging

Unfortunately, there is no configuration parameter or runtime flag available to enable more explicit logging for IXI modules. What you can do is modifying the code in IXI.java to have more details. ...
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MAM Issue:TypeError: Transaction.quietFromHash is not a function

As reported the use of mam.client.js is deprecated. Try with the source from http://iotameetup.nl and watch this @ 1:21:00 as already suggested by this answer.
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Can nodes communicate among each other only via transactions?

No, it's not possible. The UDP port indicated in the configuration only checks for transactions as incoming data. If a neighbor sends anything else than a transaction, a log entry "Received an ...
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