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I was using nginx to connect to the hornet dashboard. When using nginx to connect you must set the Upgrade and Connection header properly (src): location / { proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade"; proxy_pass http://localhost:8081; } Along with any other proxy header information. In full this is my ...


Ensure you expose port 8081. Port 8081 is used by the dashboard. Something like -p 8081:8081 in the command. Something else that can work is right clicking and seeing if there are any console errors in the inspector


The attachToTangle command is used to perform PoW for your transaction. For it to work for transactions received via the Internet (even from localhost), you need to enable remote PoW in your Hornet node: by setting this configuration: "httpAPI": { "permitRemoteAccess": [ ...


MinWeightMagnitude is one of parameters that determines how PyOTA prepares transactions to broadcast to the network; it is roughly similar to the difficulty value for proof of work. In this case, the transaction was prepared successfully and transmitted to the node, but the node rejected it because the transaction's MinWeightMagnitude was incorrect (for ...

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