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10 votes

How to set up an IOTA Sensor for Data Marketplace?

The new Data Marketplace API isn't released yet, this is due in December. This will probably just take some JSON sensor data so you might be able to set that up already. I expect that the first ...
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8 votes

How to know a transaction is "confirmed"?

You can call the GetLatestInclusion convenience function in iota.lib.js. Under the hood, this will first call getNodeInfo to find out the latest solid subtangle milestone hash, and then call ...
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3 votes

How to attach an address to tangle programmatically?

Attaching an address is just sending a 0 value tx to this address. You can use the sendTransfer method of the JavaScript library. It handles the tip-selection (branch- and trunkTransaction) and ...
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2 votes

What are the length for address and seed

The address are usually 90 characters long, which includes 9 characters of checksum. (meaning char(90) column is a good fit) (but api does accept 81 character address which are without checksum in ...
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2 votes

How is the IOTA project now? Can we use it for a real project?

IOTA in it's current state should be considered as a work in progress protocol. It can technically be used right now, but I'd advice you to use it for Proof of Concepts only at this point, at least ...
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1 vote

iota.c static lib with undefined references

you mainly get 4 static libs providing different needs for applications: libiota_crypto.a libiota_core.a libiota_client.a libiota_wallet.a In general, the client application links with ...
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1 vote

How do I fetch the latest transaction without using Zero MQ stream on a specific address?

I didn't click the link to the workshop. The way I would do it is to use the getTips api call. This will return all tips including old stale one. However, by examining the IRI code we can see that we ...
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1 vote

List of tutorials and sources to start developing on IOTA

Both javascript and python have API libraries support and documents for them. By far, javascript library is most well developed but also note that it has moved on to typescript: iota.js ...
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1 vote

Resource meterial for development purpose

If you're familiar with Python, you can take a look at's example: Or javascript, you still can find the documentation on ...
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1 vote

Trying to create M of N multisig flash channel but getting invalid value transfer

After digging through a lot of code in the Flash API, it seems like creating a channel with deposits of [2000, 0, 0] was the issue. I'm assuming every party MUST deposit some amount of tokens then. ...
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