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How do I set up a permanode?

As of now (November 2017) there is no "finished" software available that can just be installed and run as a permanode. People who currently need a permanode (I think some block explorers have that) ...
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DB snapshots for the masses - are there any risks?

Cannot think of any problems. Obviously the database dump should be created while your node is down, and the new node should be down too, while you are copying the database. The database might ...
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How can I analyse some tangles generated in the mainnet to compare with synthetic ones generated using a simulator?

IOTA full-nodes (such as HORNET and Bee) are able to start up from a more recent block/milestone instead of having to synchronize from genesis. This can be achieved by bootstrapping the IOTA full-node ...
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3 votes

When are transactions stored (to disk)?

In the current IRI (, the transaction is stored in the DB when it is received and if and only if it is valid. But don't misunderstand the term valid. It means that the transaction has: an ...
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IRI gets stuck after a while

Since this question is still getting upvotes, here is an answer (more of an approximation) by myself, having kind of a solid knowledge about it as of now, running a node and actively developing stuff ...
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