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How do I set up a datastream for sale?

The sensors currently on the network are from the participating companies. Public contribution will be available somewhere in December:
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How to send data payload and funds in a secure/immutable way?

The current transaction structure is not the final variant. Later extraDataDigest field will be added, that field will be a part of the bundle essence (signed part). Setting the field value to the ...
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Benefits of confirmed 0-value transactions?

When receiving a transaction the node checks the presence of value inconsistencies in the subtangle of the chosen tips. Now, since a 0-value transaction has no value by definition, once it has been ...
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What is the correct way to write "Hello, World!" to the tangle?

You can check this link about sending "Hello World" to Tangle:
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What is the correct way to write "Hello, World!" to the tangle?

Here are some 'workshops' covering several hello world examples, including sending a simple non value transaction: Javascript: Python: ...
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How is authenticity of data gathered by Iota guaranteed?

Data authenticity in general Iota will use Qubic and Oracles. Qubic uses a quorum to reach consensus on both the input data and the results of computations [...] data are only considered valid when ...
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How would full nodes cope with large amounts of data?

Trying to recall something mentioned by CfB a while back, I believe IOTA will eventually use collective memory usage: In a sense that hash-based signatures will be reduced from 8192 to 64 bytes - ...
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