You're tackling a few points there. The first remark that I have is right in the title. A splitting attack is not performed regularly. It's more precisely described as one sustained attack. A splitting attack's goal is to split the tangle in two parts that they can identify and spend on both. Then, the attacker hopes that roughly half of the network ...


The IRI (Iota Reference Implementation) select the transactions to approve such that "selected transactions-to-approve are almost always tips". A tip is a transaction that isn't approved yet. This process is also known as the "tip selection algorithm" (or the "random walk"). It is expected that all "honest" nodes use this official tip selection algorithm to ...


Trying to recall something mentioned by CfB a while back, I believe IOTA will eventually use collective memory usage: In a sense that hash-based signatures will be reduced from 8192 to 64 bytes - which is over 99% compression therefore size will not be an issue. Also don't forget about snapshots

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