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The term "transaction" is used in IoTA to refer to the signed data package that stores a message to be sent from an externally owned account.

hashing power that would be available is used. Whenever somebody wants to send a transaction + does the proof of work, the tangle grows. I know that the coordinator can a) take snapshots In the …
answered Jan 20 '18 by Zauz
Since B has the transaction hash, he can find the transaction inside of the Tangle (full node or tangle explorer) He would take the transaction, do the tip selection + the Proof of work again and … then broadcast the transaction. (=reattaching) B does not need the seed (or private keys) of A to sign the transaction because it has already been signed by A. It would work that way, but there is no GUI (i know of) that you can use to do it in a user-friendly way. …
answered Dec 3 '17 by Zauz
Tips are transactions, not addresses api.getTips() already returns the tips (= transactions), not addresses. tips['hashes'] are the transaction hashes of the tips. So when you do hashes … = api.find_transactions(addresses=addr_tips) You are giving find_transactions() a bunch of transaction hashes as addresses. The node then looks up all those transaction hashes (thinking they are addresses …
answered Jan 5 '18 by Zauz
local storage Wallets would have to keep track of their own adresses, if they already used them and what they already used them for. switch seeds Another solution is to switch seeds after every sna …
answered Dec 1 '17 by Zauz
By verifying a transaction that is invalid, a transaction itself becomes invalid and will never be verified by other honest transactions (i.e. the transaction is on an "invalid path" that others do … not recognize so its X Iotas are worthless). So: What happens next? Nothing. The transaction that happens to verify an invalid one will never be confirmed. For details, take a look at Iotas Tip-Selection Algorithm Documentation. …
answered Jun 23 '18 by Zauz
The process of reattaching a transaction is simply doing the proof of work and tip selection process to reattach the transaction to a different part of the Tangle and thereby creating a new … transaction. If your transaction didn't get confirmed for a long time, it is very unlikely that it will get confirmed in the future because the tip selection algorithm prefers newer transactions. For this …
answered Nov 28 '17 by Zauz
Transactions made in flash channels are not written to the Tangle. There are only two events that are stored: opening of a flash channel closing of a flash channel When opening a flash channel, t …
answered Jun 25 '18 by Zauz
milestone index A milestone is a special transaction issued by a special node called Coordinator. The Coordinator is run by Iota Foundation, its main purpose is to protect the network until it grows strong …
answered Nov 29 '17 by Zauz
It's safe to keep your seed. Even if you double-spend or reuse your address, your seed doesn't get exposed, only the private key of one address of your seed is partially revealed. You can generate an …
answered Dec 29 '17 by Zauz
Coordinator forever. If the honest transaction rate reaches a certain point, I think we could get rid of it entirely, but with current PoW (Proof of Work) and difficulty that point is just too high. Maybe … value PMF and VQT point at the transaction JOE. If someone tries to change the content of JOE, the hash value of the transaction changes as well. It will no longer be JOE, in fact JOE will no longer exist. …
answered Aug 13 '18 by Zauz
Purchase Iotas The "source" of all Iotas is the genesis transaction. There will never be more than this amount of Iotas. When you want to purchase Iotas, you buy them from another IOTA user which … transactions that were never verified by any other transactions. The MCMC tip selection is not enforced and you can choose any two transaction to reference. An example of choosing a specific transaction
answered Feb 21 '18 by Zauz