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How to deploy solidity smart contract on IOTA ? i appreciate any tutorial or document suggestion!

i started by running a hornet-nest-node and wasp node on devnet , then i installed wasp-cli to interact with my node but i didn't figure out what are next steps ! my wasp-config.json : { "database":...
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ISC WASP fixed block interval

is there way to set a fixed block interval in WASM based chains? e.g. call a tick() function every 10 seconds. in particular, i need a way of calculating elapsed time since X let tick = 0; func1 { ...
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How can I send funds from an EVM smart contract to a L1 address?

I am trying to implement a smart contract to which users can send their funds and then these can be withdrawn to their L1 address. I found and modified some testing code from the wasp repository (...
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Running wasp-cli locally

How to run wasp-cli locally using the official repo ?
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