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is udp or tcp neighbour connection encrypted? [closed]

IS "udp" or "tcp" neighbour connection encrypted? to prevent sniffers to find out which ip have an iota node behind it.
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Parse UDP packet into a bundle

I am exploring the for the purpose of running sort of "analysis" with my current remote node. I couldn't find any code that can parse/validate the transaction ...
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Can nodes communicate among each other only via transactions?

Is it possible for nodes to use their UDP channels to send other data than transactions? Or would node-to-node messages need to get wrapped in a transaction first? I'm thinking along the lines of an ...
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Can I call "getNodeInfo" via UDP the same way I can call it over TCP?

I've noticed a lot of nodes with connection_type UDP vs TCP. Are the UDP ones running the same IRI api? Specifically, I'm trying to write to a network connection: conn.Write([]byte("{\"...
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Possible UDP MTU problems (UDP, bad length 1650 > 1368 in tcpdump)

I have a problem with a node. I'm new to this, it is my first and only node, so please consider that. These are the entries from the log, notice the line Latest SOLID SUBTANGLE milestone has changed ...
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Good practice how to choose ports

I've setup a full node and while doing so was wondering about the following: 1. Would it be safer not to use the same prominent ports as everybody else does (e.g. 14600, 14700, 14265). If instead the ...
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Can neighbors mix protocols?

Consider the following, each of two peers has both TCP and UDP propery forwarded and bound: Peer A -> tcp 15600 -> udp 14600 Peer B -> tcp 15600 -> udp 14600 Which of the following ...