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What is the purpose of numWalks API parameter?

The IOTA whitepaper describes the tip selection algorithm in the Section 4.1. The idea there is to select N starting points in the tangle randomly (subject to some conditions) and then to do a random ...
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Validation of Transaction

What information must be stored in a node so that it validates a particular transaction? Also which node information must be stored and how that is relevant in validating a transaction?
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how to trace the iota tip from the milestone transaction when there is no reference to the future transactions

As written in multiple forums, IoTA tips are chosen using the random walk method starting at the milestone transaction. The milestone transaction will have the reference to the old transactions. Tip ...
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Change in the objective of Tip Selection Algorithm post-Coordicide

The paper on the Coordicide states- "Although the Tip Selection is not part of the conflict resolution in our current approach to the Coordicide, it still plays many important roles in the Tangle....
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How are random walk entry transactions chosen in a coo-free tangle?

With the coordinator, the MCMC random walk tip selection algorithm starts with a milestone as its entry transaction. Without the coordinator, there are no milestones. How is the entry transaction for ...
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This operation cannot be executed: The subtangle has not been updated yet

When I try to send the hello message to tangle, it is returning this error message. I have 2 neighbour nodes and POW enabled in the nodes.
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