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0 answers

Invio dati da sensore DHT11 al Tangle tramite Testnet-2 e FireFly Shimmer

salve, sto cercando di inviare sulla rete di test di shimmer (testnet-2) i dati di un sensore dht11 acquisiti con adafruit-dht. Ho problemi con formato indirizzo FireflyShimmer, in pratica quando lo ...
6 votes
3 answers

Where can I find neighbours for testnet?

I want to run my node in the testnet for testing and learning purposes. Where can I find neighbours for it? Is there some kind of public list of public testnet nodes?
1 vote
2 answers

If i have a testnet aplication, is necesary deploy it to the mainnet?

The transaction cost in the testnet is zero, so I am not sure if it is portable to the main net -- do transactions on the main net have cost?
1 vote
2 answers

Problem retrieving the content of zero value transactions from the testnet

I am sending two zero value transactions to a specific address on the testnet. The content is shown below: This is the address I am sending it to: ...
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0 answers

getAccountData returns undefined

it is a few days ago that getAccountData has stopped returning value (returns always undefined). Does any of you know why? This is the code: iota.getAccountData(seed, {start: 0,security: 2}) ...
1 vote
0 answers

how to resolve "throw new ERR_INVALID_CALLBACK()"?

i'm facing following error while running command mvn clean compile : fs.js:137 throw new ERR_INVALID_CALLBACK(); ^ TypeError [ERR_INVALID_CALLBACK]: Callback must be a function at ...
4 votes
1 answer

How to get IOTA testnet tokens and who distributes them in the first place?

I did try — its not working currently Also will all old testnet tokens be compatible with the new devnet's? Is the testnet still the same since the beginning of IOTA?...
7 votes
1 answer

IRI: Find neighbor which uses the testnet

I see really often the following message in the logs: Transaction resolves to incorrect ledger balance: -8727317092450 I checked my version. It is the main net. But I guess I got a neighbor who is ...
8 votes
2 answers

Is there any zero-value iota test network?

I would like to play around with iota transactions without putting real value tokens at risk. Is there any zero-value iota test network?
4 votes
1 answer

Getting error: "Invalid Response: The deployment could not be found"

I'm trying to get account data with the following code: const iota = new IOTA({ 'host': '', 'port': 443 }); const seed = //my seed iota.api.getAccountData(seed, ...
3 votes
0 answers

IOTA testnet setup

I am trying to setup an IOTA dev environment (see I am connecting to a testnode ( using Javascript library. The connection works. I can create a new ...