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is udp or tcp neighbour connection encrypted? [closed]

IS "udp" or "tcp" neighbour connection encrypted? to prevent sniffers to find out which ip have an iota node behind it.
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Can I call "getNodeInfo" via UDP the same way I can call it over TCP?

I've noticed a lot of nodes with connection_type UDP vs TCP. Are the UDP ones running the same IRI api? Specifically, I'm trying to write to a network connection: conn.Write([]byte("{\"...
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Good practice how to choose ports

I've setup a full node and while doing so was wondering about the following: 1. Would it be safer not to use the same prominent ports as everybody else does (e.g. 14600, 14700, 14265). If instead the ...
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Can neighbors mix protocols?

Consider the following, each of two peers has both TCP and UDP propery forwarded and bound: Peer A -> tcp 15600 -> udp 14600 Peer B -> tcp 15600 -> udp 14600 Which of the following ...
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