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This operation cannot be executed: The subtangle has not been updated yet

When I try to send the hello message to tangle, it is returning this error message. I have 2 neighbour nodes and POW enabled in the nodes.
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How can the transactions in the Tangle be ordered temporally?

I do not understand how the IOTA Tangle DAG indicates by its structure the temporal order when two spends are on separate, independent, branches. It is possible that two transactions occur and are ...
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1 answer

With IRI version 1.5.2, how does the prevention of lazy tip selection change the tangle's partition tolerance?

One of the features of IOTA is that sub-tangles can be constructed and then attached to to the main tangle in the future. With IRI version 1.5.2, how does the prevention of lazy tip selection change ...
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What is the exact stitching process that is being done on the tangle and side-tangle and who is doing it?

As a matter of transparency and of user and community education, I think it is important to properly catalog and make public the side-tangle-to-tangle stitching process that has been conducted by ...
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What are the parents of the first transactions after a snapshot?

After a snapshot has been taken, there are no more transactions, only the account balances. Which tips are referenced as parent by the first (new) transactions? Is it possible to use one transaction ...
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Persistence of important data on the Tangle

To this date, the IOTA network truncates all stored transactions after a snapshot, so that we basically only have an image of addresses with funds. Now lets assume following scenario: Company A ...
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3 answers

What happens to a Subtangle if it attaches to an invalid transaction?

If I have a large offline Subtangle with 1000 transactions and I choose to bring it online by attaching it to tip T, what happens if tip T ends up being invalid later on? Does my entire Subtangle ...
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2 answers

How to start a new offline subtangle?

Can a new offline subtangle be created without referencing any existing transactions? Or does the offline node which is running this offline tangle need to start out with some global history and pick ...
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2 answers

How do subtangles work?

I've read that IOTA would only be truly infinitely scaleable with subtangles because a full node can only process ~1000 transactions per second. What are subtangles? When will they emerge? What ...