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How does IOTA post-coordicide handle network spam?

Is spam protection already implemented in the latest devnet?
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Does the Tangle enforce a tip-selection algorithm?

Can spammers use their own algorithm to non-randomly select tips — possibly then continuously confirming the same transactions over and over again while inundating the network? This was a recent ...
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5 votes
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How would full nodes cope with large amounts of data?

If a botnet or an entity with large CPU resources were to upload copious amounts of data to the tangle, how would full nodes cope with all that data? Do full nodes need to store all the data from ...
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How would IOTA handle a spam attack that is NOT attempting to successfully double spend, but merely make the network unusable? [duplicate]

So it seems like all of the security solutions mentioned so far are focused on preventing double spend attacks. But what about attacks that aren't motivated by actually successfully double spending?...
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What would an attacker have to pay per transaction in a large-scale spam attack?

It is claimed that transactions are effectively free. However, they require a proof of work. This PoW is supposed to make spam attacks infeasible. So given an attacker renting hardware from a cloud ...
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How does a flooding attack like "COORDINATOR9SUCKS9999999999" work? [duplicate]

How can it be a problem for IOTA if someone floods the network with zero value transactions? As far as I understand the promo, IOTA should work even better, the more transactions per second there are. ...
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Does all kind of spam benefit the network?

It is frequently stated that spam even makes the network stronger by confirming other transactions. However, it is not difficult to imagine an attacker that either confirms primarily their own ...
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Spam Attack on the tangle worst scenario

Sometimes there is a spam attack on the IOTA network where there are up to 2000 transactions per minute where normally we only have 50 t/m. I know that the spam makes the tangle even stronger, but I ...
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