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Can IOTA (assembly) provide shared security for substrate blockchain?

Gasless decentralized transactions with DAG can solve a huge problem of web3 adoption. But smart contracts don't provide the flexibility and control over the design. According to wiki, https://wiki....
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Do Wasp nodes only connect to a GoShimmer nodes?

I want to build a simple project with IOTA. First, I want to start a simple local/private Tangle network and then use wasp to write and run a smart contract. My question is, which nodes can I use to ...
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Smart Contract for IOTA: Is it finally possible to deploy a contract in IOTA in practice? Or still underway?

I heard before that IOTA decided to add the possibility of developing and deploying the smart contract in IOTA (Like Ethereum) with a specific language called "Abra", and it was promised to be run at ...
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What is Qubic exactly? A programming language? An IOTA Smart Contract?

According to this blog entry : IOTA does not “natively” support smart contracts. The IOTA Foundation has publicly stated, that smart contracts will not be a feature of the IOTA core but ...
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What are the differences between Qubic smart contracts and Ethereum smart contracts?

I would like to know the differences between Qubic smart contracts and Ethereum smart contracts (for example: Turing-completeness, oracle-like behaviors...).
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What smart contract language does IOTA use?

What smart contract language does IOTA use? Solidity?
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Can a smart contract make calls (e.g. web service calls) to outside of the network?

Will IOTA smart contracts be able to make calls to external web services or other APIs, or is it too early to tell?
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Payments & Smart Contracts [closed]

Can I build a payment platform with escrow features (smart contracts), for free money transfers on IOTA?
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How will Smart Contracts be implemented on the Tangle, providing timestamps are enforced? [closed]

On the main DAG? On a second layer? Or something else? How does it work basically?
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What are timestamps and how are they connected to smart contracts?

What exactly are timestamps? When do we see them in IOTA? And what is the correlation between timestamps and smart contracts?
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