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OverflowError: out of range integral type conversion attempted in iota_client Python library

I am trying to send a list data to IOTA Ledger as follow client = iota_client.Client() message_temperature = client.message( index="Pasteur1_Tempdata", data=temp_list ) where my temp_list is ...
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How to get the bundle hash or tail transaction hash by using the prepare_transfer() and send_trytes methods?

I am sending data to my hornet private tangle in Python. I wanted to do separate api calls to prepare the transaction and publish the transaction. So, I used api.prepare_transfer() and api.send_trytes(...
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IOTA Client Library (Python), how to best wait for a message

Using the Client Library (Python), what is the best way to wait for a message (of a certain index), then execute some code based on the message received? Thanks & regards
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17 views Python binding - API concurrent requests

I am having some issues while managing python binding with an API. Is possible to manage the wallet with concurrent requests for several users at the same time? I noticed this error when ...
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This operation cannot be executed: The subtangle has not been updated yet

When I try to send the hello message to tangle, it is returning this error message. I have 2 neighbour nodes and POW enabled in the nodes.
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Accessing JSON message from IRI node API using Python 3

I am using one command tangle. The tangle is running on Ubuntu machine. From the list of APIs given for IRI node, I'm trying to broadcast a transaction. For this, the first step is to get ...
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Connection to private node (one command tangle) refused

I have created a one command tangle from this link: And using API given here:
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