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Good practice how to choose ports

I've setup a full node and while doing so was wondering about the following: 1. Would it be safer not to use the same prominent ports as everybody else does (e.g. 14600, 14700, 14265). If instead the ...
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Why does the signatureMessageFragment have a fixed size?

A transaction in IOTA consists of 2673 trytes. The biggest part is the signatureMessageFragment (more infos here) which has a size of 2187 trytes. It is used to store the signature of value ...
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Can the IOTA protocol/network be adapted in the future?

Let's assume there are some unforeseen challenges in the future that require the IOTA network to be adapted. I've read there is no hard-forking possible in IOTA. Hence, would it be problematic to push ...
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Why are transactions so slow?

Right now each transaction takes about 30 minutes or longer. Previously it was said that the increasing number of transactions (even empty spam) are good for the network and are improve the ...
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What kind of "invalid" transactions are transported by the network (and appear on tangle explorers?)

When looking at transactions on a tangle explorer, I often see "Unconfirmed" transactions that (when taking a closer look) can not get confirmed, but the tangle explorer does not show it to me. So I ...
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