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IOTA "C" version (CClient) and feasibility of signing transactions on ESP32?

An article recently has been published entitled "Running the IOTA "CClient" library on ESP32" (>>>Link to Article<<<). It is not clear to me if by using this C version of IOTA is ...
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How many type of Proof-of-Work is used in IOTA?

In the following article about "IOTA CryptoCore", it is written: "IOTA core functions like address generation, signing, “Mini-Pow” and Proof of Work (PoW) need much computational power which ...
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Is "Crypto Core" a micro-controller (or FPGA) which is able to do Proof-of-Work completely?

Is "Crypto Core" a micro-controller (or FPGA) which is able to do Proof-of-Work completely ? As I heard that micro-controllers are not able to perform Proof-of-Work, because of power and energy ...
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What are the cryptographic functions in IOTA(Tangle)

I'm wondering what and where cryptographic functions are used in IOTA? Because from what I understand Tangle is mostly based on DAGs where the tips are chosen using MCMC algorithm which is bayesian ...
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How to use "iota.lib.js.powsrvio" via a small device supports LoraWAN?

If we want PoW is not performed in the device (in particular for low energy devices) we can use iota.lib.js.powsrvio. How to use And what are prerequirements ? (Assume we want to use it in ...
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What is the Pearldiver? [closed]

I've frequently heard the term "Pearldiver" around Iota. What exactly is it and what does it do?
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How much computing power is needed for the PoW?

I was just wondering how much computing power would you need for a single transaction. If we look into the future and think of all the small little sensors, they all would want to perform the PoW. ...
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If someone were to find a Proof of Work collision, could they pin the tail of the tangle to the head?

If someone were to find a Transaction Proof of Work collision, would it be possible to pin the tail of the tangle to the head and create an infinite loop? IE. Create a self-referential tangle segment ...
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3 answers

Why confirming 2 previous transactions instead of 1 or 3, 4, 5?

In order to send a transaction, one has to validate 2 previous transactions. Why is it 2, instead of 1 or 3, 4, 5?
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Is it possible to create transactions that require less POW

The compute times for the proof-of-work varies considerably within a random sample of input data. With some input data, the POW can take 1/100th to even 1/1000th as little time as it takes normally (...
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2 answers

GPU Proof-of-work

Is Iota proof of work being done only on CPUs right now, or also GPUs? I see people mentioning their GPU when posting about how long it takes their full node to do PoW, but I thought that required ...
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What is the max possible transactions/second rate in IOTA?

Did anyone calculate the max amount of transactions per second which is possible in IOTA? As far as I understand the transactions rate is only limited by network's bandwidth of full nodes. Let's ...
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2 answers

How long does the proof of work take today and in future? [duplicate]

Can someone explain how long the proof of work needs today and how long it may take in the future? I always think about if paying in a supermarket with IOTA will ever be possible. And right now I need ...
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1 answer

What does it mean that "the tangle is network-bound instead of hash-power-bound like blockchain"?

Can someone explain me in a very simple way what should an attacker do to double spend in IOTA? In the whitepaper I read that a double spend transaction should outweigh the legitimate subtangle. ...