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How to specify a message or tag within a transaction

I would like to create transaction using IotaWallet of containing a message or tag. Currently I perfectly create a transaction for Alice wallet, using: from iota_wallet import IotaWallet # ...
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how to get the latest Received message in one account?

I want to query the latest Received message in one account,I try "let tx = await account.listMessages(1, 1, 1)",After I test,it returned the oldest received message,not the recent
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Do we need "micro-payment channels" for IOTA similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Since IOTA transactions are free of fee, so do we need to setup a "micro-payment channels" similar to what we have in Bitcoin? (For example "The bitcoin lightning network" or "Duplex Micropayment ...
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Payments & Smart Contracts [closed]

Can I build a payment platform with escrow features (smart contracts), for free money transfers on IOTA?
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How much computing power is needed for the PoW?

I was just wondering how much computing power would you need for a single transaction. If we look into the future and think of all the small little sensors, they all would want to perform the PoW. ...
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How to provide an IOTA based service, considering the receiving address has to change on every withdrawal?

One of IOTAs main use cases is to provide a way for M2M (machine to machine) micro payments. Therefore services can be called by sending a transaction, including payload + funds, to a specific address....
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What happens with microtransactions if 1 IOTA = 1$ [duplicate]

I know it ist still far to go, but in the very long future when 1 IOTA is maybe worth 1$ how can we do microtransactions? Is there a possibility to split 1 the total amounts of IOTAs even more? I ...
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Why are microtransactions important or necessary?

I read about IOTA Data Marketplace and discussed it with my friend. One question stood out from our discussion that neither of us couldn't find an answer to. Is there (or will there be) an actual need ...
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