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Questions tagged [mcmc]

For Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm. MCMC is at the heart of the tip selection algorithm.

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Tip selection algorithm used for data transactions

A data transaction on the Tangle (a.k.a. zero value transaction) does not need confirmation. The reason for value transactions to all use a similar tip selection algorithm is that it increases the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is it intended that getTransactionsToApprove can possibly return non-tips as well?

If one calls the API function getTransactionsToApprove() one expects to receive 2 tips. To this end it calls the randomWalk() method two times. However I noticed that the randomWalk() routine contains ...
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5 votes
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Why are some transactions directly confirmed by two other transactions? On the presentation Dominik describes the transaction initiation process, in which the second step is random tip selection, ...
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