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Questions tagged [legacy-protocol]

Questions about the legacy protocol (which was switched off in Mainnet on April 28, 2021). It used ternary message encoding and Winternitz one-time signatures.

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Running Multiple Full Nodes on 1 Machine

When the potentially incentivized CarrIOTA Field nodes become a reality, is it possible (or does it make sense) to run multiple nodes on 1 machine? For example, spinning up a large cloud VM and then ...
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Can a smart contract make calls (e.g. web service calls) to outside of the network?

Will IOTA smart contracts be able to make calls to external web services or other APIs, or is it too early to tell?
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Receiving JSON messages from ZMQ feed using an IRI fullnode

I am trying to use ZMQ feeds to monitor IRI nodes and addresses, but I am having trouble obtaining the "Message" in text and/or JSON. I am using this code: let zmq = require('zeromq') let sock = zmq....
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Client libraries available for Flutter/Dart?

Probably not typically needed for an IoT device, but a general app that uses the Iota ledger might be on a mobile device, and the Flutter framework seems pretty handy (I like how it can output iOS and ...
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Making An Offline Transaction At The NodeJS Console

I am making an offline wallet web app to use with my open source airgapped encrypted device - the PrivateKeyVault. The web app will be modeled after this one which is seen used in this video. The ...
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How can I fork MAM channel?

This says that any channel can be splitting. Also this
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Transfer from Multisig into normal address

I am following the example described here: I put funds into a multisig. Now I want to move that ...
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What is the state tracking approach in IOTA IRI?

It is important to keep track of the state, e.g., in order to perform verification of transactions. While it is possible to reconstruct the most updated state by starting from the initial state and ...
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IOTA "C" version (CClient) and feasibility of signing transactions on ESP32?

An article recently has been published entitled "Running the IOTA "CClient" library on ESP32" (>>>Link to Article<<<). It is not clear to me if by using this C version of IOTA is ...
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