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How can I start developing IXI Modules?

Looking at MAM.ixi or Snapshot.ixi, I noticed that IXI Modules are written in Javascript but they are calling Java methods and using Java Classes by assignments like: var Transaction = iri....
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What does an "Hello world!" IXI module look like?

I have an idea for an IXI module that I'd like to try out, but I don't understand how I'm supposed to implement it. I'd like to start with an example; what would an "Hello world!" version of an IXI ...
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Can nodes communicate among each other only via transactions?

Is it possible for nodes to use their UDP channels to send other data than transactions? Or would node-to-node messages need to get wrapped in a transaction first? I'm thinking along the lines of an ...
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What exactly is "IOTA eXtensible Interface" (.ixi modules)?

What exactly is the "IOTA eXtensible Interface"? How does it relate to the rest of the chain, at a high level, and technically?
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How to setup Full Node with IXI MAM?

I have mounted some Full Nodes and wrote a post in Hello IOTA Forum with a tutorial to do this from scratch. Now I am looking for info to setup a Full Node with MAM support. I have been searching and ...
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Is it possible to extend IRI to answer to an HTTP GET?

There are some use cases where the distributed ledger is extremely useful to store security information in a decentralized storage. But those information need to be pulled out from the tangle by a web ...
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MAM Issue:TypeError: Transaction.quietFromHash is not a function

I am currently playing around with the MAM feature and installed the MAM.ixi extension on my node. Unfortunately I ran into an error when trying to access the getMessage function: "Request Error: ...
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IXI module: Error debugging

I want to create a IXI module and there is something wrong " ERROR com.iota.iri.IXI - Script error". How can I tell IRI to just log the exact error of my IXI script? I just want to know which line ...
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