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For questions relating to the IOTA network as a whole. This includes questions about the reliability, scaling and functionality of the network itself as an implemented version of the tangle based on full nodes running the IRI.

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IOTA use and resupply [closed]

What happens to IOTA after use, do they expire or are they recycled somehow and does this reduce the available supply or is it somehow replenished ?
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Is there a testing environment for dev purposes

I'm hacking around with the js lib but everything happens very slowly - sending transactions, promoting, etc... I'm also connected to a personal fully synched node, which doesn't add any speed to my ...
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Does the proof of work needed to attach a transaction fluctuate, if so, what causes the increase/decrease?

Can someone explain if the proof of work effort varies with the number of nodes, the number of transactions being made and the proof of work being done by other users. Does it increase over time? I'...
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Will auto-discovery of neighbors be implemented for full nodes?

The most difficult part of setting up a full node is finding neighbors. Will some sort of discovery mechanism be implemented? If so, when? If not, I’m curious why that would be by design.
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What is IOTA Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM)? [closed]

There have been reports of MAM being implemented on IoT devices like the Bosch XDK and RuuviTag. What, exactly, is MAM?
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Can I call "getNodeInfo" via UDP the same way I can call it over TCP?

I've noticed a lot of nodes with connection_type UDP vs TCP. Are the UDP ones running the same IRI api? Specifically, I'm trying to write to a network connection: conn.Write([]byte("{\"...
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IRI: Find neighbor which uses the testnet

I see really often the following message in the logs: Transaction resolves to incorrect ledger balance: -8727317092450 I checked my version. It is the main net. But I guess I got a neighbor who is ...
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How to Setup a Full Node on Azure?

I have spare credits for Azure, I'd love to use this to setup a full node for IOTA. I know there are Amazon AWS guides, just wondered if anyone had an easy way to do this for Azure?
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How would IOTA handle a spam attack that is NOT attempting to successfully double spend, but merely make the network unusable? [duplicate]

So it seems like all of the security solutions mentioned so far are focused on preventing double spend attacks. But what about attacks that aren't motivated by actually successfully double spending?...
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Couldn't get access to IOTA cool network? What is IOTA cool?

I changed the node in the Android wallet and suddenly it said Connection Error: No connection to the network could be established. [translated] What is the iota cool network? The name of ...
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Will MAM not lead to network congestion?

In the MAM introduction article there is for example this part about the message size: These messages can have any size; however, a heuristic evaluation would demonstrate smaller messages ...
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Who approves changes/fixes to IOTA?

For Bitcoin, whenever the repository owner pushes changes, the miners approve or reject them. That takes away the central control. But since IOTA doesn't have miners, what's the process of making ...
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Does all kind of spam benefit the network?

It is frequently stated that spam even makes the network stronger by confirming other transactions. However, it is not difficult to imagine an attacker that either confirms primarily their own ...
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Spam Attack on the tangle worst scenario

Sometimes there is a spam attack on the IOTA network where there are up to 2000 transactions per minute where normally we only have 50 t/m. I know that the spam makes the tangle even stronger, but I ...
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