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how many genesis in IoTA tangle?

If I have 10 sensors in IoT architecture and 5 of them start to send data at the same time, it will have 5 genesis in IoTA tangle? or only one genesis will be published? if so how to choose one from ...
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1 answer

Install IRI full node on my PC Ubuntu: shows canceled

I want to install IRI full node IoTA on my PC with Ubuntu bionic 18.04 with core i3 and 8GB RAM. I entered the following command to install IRI: sudo bash < <(curl -s https://raw....
3 votes
1 answer

IoT sensor publish data to tangle with IoTA platform using MQTT and MAM

I have pulse sensor connected to NodeMCU. This sensor publishes data to Mosquitto by MQTT protocol. I want to receive data from broker and publish it to tangle using MQTT and MAM. Mosquitto broker is ...
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2 answers

How many type of Proof-of-Work is used in IOTA?

In the following article about "IOTA CryptoCore", it is written: "IOTA core functions like address generation, signing, “Mini-Pow” and Proof of Work (PoW) need much computational power which ...