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How to send a transaction in private tangle Hornet of IOTA?

I have deployed an IOTA tangle network on Hornet and it is running successfully on http://localhost:8081/. How do I send a transaction to it? Are there any steps or could you please share any ...
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2 answers

Cannot connect to hornet dashboard via http://localhost:8081

First of all thank you to everyone who was involved in making setting up a IOTA node and running it so simple. It's so simple in fact that the first (and only problem so far) is accessing the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Hornet Dashboard not working: the client is not using the websocket protocol

Just recently installed a hornet node. The api works when I use the pyota libaray. But the hornet dashboard is not working. When I load the page is says "not synced" even though through the ...
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