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Questions tagged [hashing]

Questions about the unidirectional mapping of data to fixed-sized values.

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5 votes
0 answers

Why not switch to NIST SHA3

Currently we use the draft sha3 standard which specified LFSR of 0x01, however NIST's approved SHA3 is set to 0x06. If we switched to using this hash method it would allow many more options of crypto ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Specifics of the Kerl Hash Function

How does the hashing function Kerl work, i.e. how exactly is an input hashed into the standard 81-tryte-long output? I know that under the hood it uses Keccak (this is not what I am interested in). ...
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Reclaim tool confirmation

To be clear each of the hashes that are given, during the reclaim process, point to an address in a tangle explorer. This address isn't of the new seed, but actually a hash of the new seeds address ...
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