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Do we need "micro-payment channels" for IOTA similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Since IOTA transactions are free of fee, so do we need to setup a "micro-payment channels" similar to what we have in Bitcoin? (For example "The bitcoin lightning network" or "Duplex Micropayment ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Running a self-financing node? Any possibility of running a private node, adding fees, or adding public node messages?

So I am aware of the devs stance with regards to the incentives of running nodes (e.g. outlined here). However, despite all this I'd like to explore a different option here and discuss whether it's ...
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15 votes
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Will outsourcing POW ever be an issue?

If you want to send a transaction you have to do some proof of work. Are all IoT devices (e.g. small sensors) really capable of doing the proof of work? Will there ever be a necessity of services that ...
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