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What kind of "invalid" transactions are transported by the network (and appear on tangle explorers?)

When looking at transactions on a tangle explorer, I often see "Unconfirmed" transactions that (when taking a closer look) can not get confirmed, but the tangle explorer does not show it to me. So I ...
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What is the average transaction time in IOTA?

In other blockchains, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the transaction time is limited by the block time. Even then, there's no guarantee your transaction will be incorporated into the next block. (I'll ...
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When is a pending transaction technically confirmed?

I'd like to understand the steps that lead to an eventual confirmation of a transaction. I understand that there are several child transactions required and that the individual weights of each of ...
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What affects confirmation rate, and how can it be improved?

Currently, confirmation rate of transactions is sitting at about 30-40%. What goes into determining this number and why is it so low? What sort of technical adjustments can be made to improve this? ...
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Is there any point to running a full node that creates no new transactions?

We are hearing a lot, that slow confirmation times are a symptom of there not being enough full nodes and we are encouraged to set up a full node for ourselves. I have done this and I have targeted ...
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Why is my transaction not getting confirmed?

What can I do to speed-up the transaction’s confirmation? When should I reattach (replay) a transaction?
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Inclusion State - when true?

in iota docs it says: Inclusion State - is used to determine if a transaction was accepted and confirmed by the network. more specifically, given a transaction and a list of tips: Inclusion ...
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IOTA transaction confirmation confidence

Similar to this question, for which I think it is not clear enough, I'm interested when a transaction is considered practically confirmed. My question is: What metric is used to measure transaction ...
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Why does the tip-selection prefer new tips?

Most of the issues regarding slow or never confirmed transactions seem to arise from time-intensive POW and a badly connected full-node, which both lead to an attach-position not at the tangles "front"...
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Distribution of Number of Approvers

Every transaction directly references two previous transactions. But I was wondering, does this also mean that every transaction will be referenced by exactly two transactions or will it be random? If ...
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How does the IOTA wallet determine confirmed transactions

I'm interested in the exact method the wallet uses to determine if a transaction is confirmed or not (e.g. the number of references that a node has or a coordinator milestone).
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Does IOTA have block finality (at the moment)?

As the title says i am interested in the block finality of IOTA. In the long run there seems to be no instant block finality in IOTA because it is only considered confirmed as some number of tips are ...
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Invalid transaction in milestone

Suppose a transaction is deemed confirmed at some moment and it is put in the milestone. Somewhat later new tips come in which are not referencing (direct/indirect) this particular transaction and ...
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Automatically reattachment and promotion of iota transactions

To avoid the overloading with the official iota nodes, I have setup my own iota node. I then went ahead to do some transactions but while some are confirmed, most are pending. Is there any way or tool ...
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What is the probability that a transaction is being confirmed without having to reattach?

I have the feeling that I have to reattach almost every transaction I do. What is the probability that a transaction is being confirmed directly? And does this probability change with a second or ...
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What has been the growth rate of tangle confirmation rate until today?

I am curious to understand how the tangle has improved in terms of confirmation rate since its inception. Are there any statistics which show this? A positive growth is definitely a good sign. And if ...
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Can't make a transaction. Request Error: Couldn't get a response from nodes

I am trying to make my first transaction and I am failing. I tried using private and public nodes. If I use : var iota = new IOTA({ 'provider': '' }); var seed = '...
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Why are some transactions confirmed over and over again?

In this tangle visualizer it can be frequently seen that there are transactions with dozens of direct confirmations while others seem to be never confirmed. Is this due to a node not playing by the ...
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Is part of the address private key revealed when the user reattaches a failed transaction?

A reattach is defined as follows: Reattach: The process of reattaching a transaction is simply doing the proof of work and tip selection process to reattach the transaction to a different part of ...
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Latency in transaction confirmation is usual?

I sent some transactions to the IOTA Tangle. However, according to website, they are not confirmed yet. You can see one of them here :
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Why do some transactions get confirmed within 5-10 minutes and some don't even after 10 hours? [duplicate]

I was moving funds between my wallet some tx got confirmed within few minutes and some not even after 10 hours in the same node. I switched nodes and reattached several time and eventually it got ...
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What are the criteria for a transaction to be confirmed in the light wallet?

I've been exploring the tangle, but I can't seem to find out why some transactions are confirmed while others are not.
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Access my IOTA balance to send and receive

I see my iota balance but I have a few pending bundles in the History section (two confirmed out of 7). Question: If I see my balance, does that mean everything is ok and I can move the balance out ...
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How to perform proof of work on the client?

I want to create a block that fulfill the Proof of Work requirement. After reading sparse documentation my understanding on how to do it is: 1- Serialize the block(message) excluding the 8-byte Nonce ...
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Is the fastest confirmation time limited by the frequency of the Coordinator issued Milestones?

Looking at, the fastest confirmation time encountered in the last 7 days was 29 seconds. This looks likes the approximate same duration between Coordinator issued Milestones. ...
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How many confirmations are required for funds to be received?

If I am not mistaken no single block in the public tangle is ever fully confirmed. What exactly determines the treshhold when funds are actually received, making the transaction relatively ...
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Integrating IOTA into UNITY

I'm trying to integrate IOTA into the Unity game engine although whenever I try running the code I get "Insufficient value submitted" I have made sure that my seed is accurate and that I have enough ...
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How to find earliest confirming (referencing) milestone for the confirmed transaction?

This question is about a) iterating milestones starting from the latest and b) most efficient way to find if it references the transaction. Note, that a milestone not necessary refers to previous ...
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What is the confirmation distribution type that is shown here on

Looking at, the 7 day, 7000+ sample confirmation time frequency in minutes is charted as follows: It is characterized by an onset min value of 29 seconds, an attack peak at 4 ...
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I sent 1 IOTA to Bitfinex, transaction is confirmed but money aren't store on my wallet on Bitfinex [closed]

It was like that : 1. I wanted to send IOTA to Bitxinex so i take adres from my wallet on Bitfinex (according to the instructions) adres is ...
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