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This Tag is used for Questions on the official iota Cli-Wallet.

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cli-wallet for linux ERROR: `Node error: Couldn't get a result from any node`

i tried to use cli-wallet from this link and download the release version 0.5.4 to create wallet account in private tangle and encountered this error: ./wallet-...
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double spend script is not working!

I'm running a private tangle network (GoShimmer 1.7.2) using Docker I want to try a double spend. there is a script to do that in ...
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How to connect cli-app with IOTA Javascript Library

I installed IOTA CLI Wallet and executing 'iota-cli' works after iri is executed. I get NodeInfo command run on iota-cli from my terminal also. So I guess a stand alone IOTA wallet core is now ...
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How to create multiple wallet addresses for a single node?

I'm tring to create a website where iota of multiple users can be stored in a wallet using php. Function needed are separate address for each user and they should be able to retrieve balance. I do ...
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Cli-Wallet error: COMMAND attachToTangle is not available on this node

I tried to generate new addresses. During registration in the tangle following happened: iota (http://PrivateNode:Port ✓) 0ι : address One minute while we generate the address. The address is ...
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How to use Cli-Wallet with a custom node?

So I installed Node.js and Cli-Wallet. No when I try to start the wallet, following error occures: user@Device:~$ iota-cli /usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory How can I fix it? I can't ...
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Cli-Wallet is not running. How to fix it?

After perfoming: user@Device:~$ iota-cli I get following Error: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/iota-cli-app/lib/config.js:83 get, ^ SyntaxError: Unexpected token , at exports....