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Questions tagged [attack-vectors]

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Are there entities that can submit transactions without having to approve a tip?

In 'The Tangle' white paper, at the beginning of Section 4, this statement is made: It is possible for the attacker to have a plethora of Sybil identities which are not required to approve tips. ...
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1 answer

How would full nodes cope with large amounts of data?

If a botnet or an entity with large CPU resources were to upload copious amounts of data to the tangle, how would full nodes cope with all that data? Do full nodes need to store all the data from ...
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How does the system sustain regular low-effort "splitting attacks"?

The whitepaper focuses mainly on attacks in which an attacker tries to double-spend. So the section about the splitting attack examines the case that an attacker tries to effectively create two forks ...
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