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attach-to-tangle a tag used for Questions on attaching addresses to the tangle.

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Which bundles are attached to the tangle when closing a Flash Channel?

I have a general question about closing a flash channel. My understanding is that when closing a flash channel the final bundle (the transfer from a leaf node/multisig to output addresses) is ...
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How are replays avoided? And, is this an effective way to spam the network?

To do POW, you call attachToTangle and do POW on two transactions, branchTransaction and trunkTransaction which you get from calling TransactionsToApprove. The message you want to send is sent in ...
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Accessing JSON message from IRI node API using Python 3

I am using one command tangle. The tangle is running on Ubuntu machine. From the list of APIs given for IRI node, I'm trying to broadcast a transaction. For this, the first step is to get ...
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