I am running 24/7 headless IRI fullnode on an i3 workstation with 32Gb RAM. My fullnode is almost always sinchronized with the tangle.

I run the node with the option:

--remote-limit-api "removeNeighbors, addNeighbors, interruptAttachingToTangle, attachToTangle, getNeighbors"

Why does IRI running keep the CPU at 100% even if nobody is launching PoW on it?


After upgrading to IRI the CPU is less frequently at 100%. Probably this is due to a better management of the invalid transactions.

  • Are you sure it's the IRI that keeps the CPU under load?
    – Helmar
    Dec 17, 2017 at 20:20
  • 1
    Yes, it is clear with htop and starting/stopping IRI.
    – blockmined
    Dec 17, 2017 at 21:09
  • my cpu is sometimes at over 200%, lol. I heard about even higher numbers (I guess, that depends on the amount of cores).
    – codepleb
    Dec 20, 2017 at 20:43

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you may consider using something like cpulimit to throttle it. You can get it with your package manager. On apt systems: sudo apt install cpulimit Run top, and find your Process ID for IRI. Then you can initiate cpulimit for that process with proper privileges: cpulimit --pid 13131 --limit 71 --background

This will help to throttle your cpu to 71 % ont he iri process, if IRI was running with a PID of 13131 (check top).

  • Thank you, cpulimit is very useful and effective.
    – blockmined
    Dec 21, 2017 at 10:36

You also may want to check your incoming traffic. In my case the CPU load is directly proportional to the incoming traffic.

The incoming traffic in the image below is caused by one single neighbor suddenly sending a lot of data to the server.

enter image description here

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