I'm building a little IOTA test project with TypeScript + Node.js.

I want to start an action when IOTAs are received on an certain address.

I've tried the findTransactionObjects function, but I don't understand the result. It contains an Array of all transactions of this address including pending ones. In the TransactionObject I only see properties like address, attachmentTimestamp, currentIndex, tag, but no one like confirmed.

How can I make sure or validate, that a transaction is confirmed with the iota.lib.js?

iota.api.findTransactionObjects({"addresses": ["QZZFKBIQNIBFNZBEU9DLGKHRMOWWGRDAYBKFAXSBWMDXEEAWIRUDDOVSEEFJ9ECH9VWJAFKLHSFAYUHJC"] }, function (error, result) {

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You can call the GetLatestInclusion convenience function in iota.lib.js.

Under the hood, this will first call getNodeInfo to find out the latest solid subtangle milestone hash, and then call getInclusionStates to determine if the transaction has been confirmed at that milestone. This might be useful if you use a different API (for a different programming language) that does not include the GetLatestInclusion function.

  • How will this function be implemented once the coordinator is gone?
    – w00t
    Commented Dec 13, 2017 at 12:11

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